Map Say Snow. Map Lied. Bad Map.


But I don’t see any when I step outside. I been looking too.

Other than waiting for the “snow storm” to move in, and all the local tv News programs are damned near calling for the Heaven’s to fall, just nothing is going on. All the usual chores. Really started getting rid of “stuff” in my shack. Stuff that’s been laying around for years. Books I’m never going to use. Piles of paper I’ve been meaning to scan. Got rid of a lot of it.

BWBlond004Made a run to Safeway for some distilled water for my cpap and thought I might as well get a breakfast burrito while I was there. It wasn’t that good.

Still getting DM780 to work on the new computer. It’s locked up only once today! Maybe I’m getting there.

Swapped my keyboard and mouse for a wireless keyboard and mouse. I hate wires. I know I’m in the wrong hobbies to hate wires; but I do. Hate wires.

I get to take SWMBO to the ferry landing every morning for the next week or two. And pick her up in the evenings. It’ll be fun. She won’t like it cause I insist that we don’t leave at the last possible minute, but, she’ll get used to it.

Finally saw some (pityful) snow about 1840. Really pityful. Barely snowing. I guess it is just enough to technically claim it snowed. Unless it really really dumps we aren’t going to get near the 7+” the News was claiming was on the way for the Hood Canal region. (Later note: finally starting to look like real snow. About .23” out there now.)

And SWMBO is home so I’m gonna go spend some time with her tonight. Maybe we should snuggle in …

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