It’s Another Magic Monday?

Made a run to Walmart in Bremerton this morning to get a refund of the video game they double charged me for. That really did go well. No hassle or anything. Turned right around and spent the refund on a “digital” antenna that, if I had checked the broadcast stations online before, I wouldn’t have bought. No matter what antenna “color” I chose there are still only two (2!) stations close by that I can receive. And of those only 13.1 is what I’d call a “decent” channel. Well, the antenna looks a lot better than the antenna wire I had hanging before.

Flight To Mars

Other than that just not much going on all day. All the usual chores and laundry that I didn’t feel like doing yesterday. Swept some. Moved some stuff I’m not using from my room down to the basement. (One of these days I really have to get down there and straighten up that mess.) Moved the small couch back into the library. Caught up my finances in Money. Not that I have a lot of finances. But I like to keep track of what I do have.


Cold out. Wind was really kicking things around here earlier. Sounded like someone pushing cardboard boxes around on the roof at different times today. Antenna’s really bouncing around. Supposed to get down into the teens tonight. Brrr.


And that’s pretty much my day.

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