Well, I Didn’t Break It. But The Doc Says I GOTTA Take It Easy For A Few Days.

My back, that is. That fall I took awhile back finally resolved itself into point tenderness in the L3-L4 area and SWMBO said I had to go get it checked out. So I went to Urgent Care yesterday. X-Ray shows nothing. Well, except an old T-12 compression fracture.

What? Compression fracture? When did that happen? I have absolutely no idea when I hurt my back, way back when, that badly. Other than pulled muscles I haven’t had any blunt force trauma that I remember. Nor landed on my back in an incorrect manner.

It was sort of like when I was getting an EKG a few years ago and the Doc came in and asked “When did you have your heart attack?” Excuse me; What? I had a heart attack?

I’m always finding out the important shit late.

So, Doc recommends against me getting on the tractor (my new tractor) for a few days. No heavy lifting even though I lift and carry this bodacious belly wherever I go. Just take it easy for a few. She refilled my Ibuprofen and added some muscle relaxants to take before bedtime. Yay! Drugs!

So SWMBO and I went on date day and after dinner spent way too much at WinCo (and still didn’t remember to get everything we went for) and way too much at the Chef’s Store. But the 25 lb chunk of future burger (Chuck) was “on sale” and we need to make more burger anyway. I got a butt-ton of veggies to run through the freeze dryer cause you can never have too many veggies. (I also call them “meat extenders.”) More chicken in the works. SWMBO wants to buy and freeze dry peaches this year.

Yep, trying to get as self-sufficient as possible for when the Democraps tax us out of house and home. I’m SO ready to replace each and every Republican for the lazy do-nothing shits they’ve all become. We need to adopt the same tactics as the Liberal machine and start taking our Country back. At one time it was perfectly acceptable to get violent for freedom. Let’s fight violence with violence for awhile and see how “they” like it.

Oh, ordered my Betsy Ross Flag and my “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag to fly from my radio tower. Don’t care if I get put on the FBI terrorist list. Fuck the FBI. Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Liberals & Democrats.

I’ve gotten so angry…

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