Big Battle Brewing. Repeater Wars!

Over this new repeater the Club voted to get. The Repeater Committee all think it’s a bad idea (to get a new one). Seems our present repeater has “only a couple of problems” to be fixed in order to work perfectly. No, the problem is that every time they fix a “problem” another pops up within a day or two. There’s been only a couple of problems to fix for the past 4 years or more. I don’t know how much time and money the Club has spent to keep this one running; but enough is enough. It’s time to move into the 20th Century.


One objection was that the new repeater would force everyone to buy a new radio. No. Just, No. It’s compatible with regular FM and provides a host of new digital modes for those interested. You can use the radio you have, or go out and buy a new one with enhanced capabilities. That’s up to you.

It’s not like the “new” 220 repeater being forced on the Club because “a few people might be interested in using it.” Very few. And it does force those of us that want to use it, but don’t have a 220 radio, to buy a new radio.

Duh! Is there a difference between the two? Other than most people will use the 2-meter repeater and never tune in to the 220? Yeah, let’s upgrade the repeater that will be used by most of the members and general public.

But don’t get me started. But, you know, it’ll turn out that the repeater I’m voting for (New. Great Price. Works.) will get bought and turn out to be a real POS. Just my luck.


Monday so not much else going on. Finishing up the chores I didn’t get done yesterday cause I got roped in to making dinner. And I was lazy.

Been trying to start my studying for the Extra Class class and I just haven’t been able to get on it. I don’t understand the Math. A lot of the chapters are so much gobbly-gook to me. Maybe I just don’t have the smarts to be an Extra Class Ham? But I’ll keep trying. It’s what I do.


I just noticed that my blog won’t let you see any past posts when you click on the page thingie at the bottom. ??? Gonna have to check that out. Not that anyone is reading … (Turned out to be the permalinks settings. Changed that and it works. Of course I can’t have permalinks like how I want them now!)

And that’s about it. SWMBO is home and eating. I still haven’t started my studying and I’m not going to have that long to do it tomorrow. (Gonna be doing voice overs down on the Turner Joy.)

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