Fairly Normal Sunday. Again.

My life just doesn’t change much. Thank Goodness. In my many years I have learned that “usually mundane” has it’s attractions.

Regular chores. Laundry. Was nice enough to take the Dog for a walk. Ground is still soaked though. Been ripping my movies to .mkv format to convert to .mp4. Worked on a couple of usb drives for one of SWMBO’s friends.


SWMBO (mostly) made dinner (broiled steak) and the Missionaries came over for a “get to know ya” visit. I had to cut my part of the visit short to run the MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net. Had only 4 check-ins tonight. I guess the rest of the guys are still on the OLD time! They’ll show up at 2030 and wonder where everyone is.

And that’s about it. I have been “playing” with Sigil again; learning how to make an epub. Not that I have any real idea what I’ll make into an epub. Maybe I’ll type in my life’s story and publish it! Yeah! Then millions of other folks can be as bored as you are (for a price).


BTW, our Renter’s came home last night after over a week away. Made a lot of noise until around 0200. If they do it again tonight I’m going to set my treadmill up in the bedroom and do my walk at 0630 to see how they like trying to sleep through a lot of noise. I’ll be so glad when they move. I just hope they move without raising a ruckus. Wish they’d pay their damned rent too; they’re only $1400 behind. I could do a lot with $1400.


Think I’ll watch “At The Earth’s Core” then go lay down and read awhile.

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