Holy Crap. COLD Out There!

Took the Dog for a short walk (mostly just around the house) and even he was anxious to get back into the house to warm up. No wonder it’s so hard to get him to go outside to take a poop! Something wrong with Sunny but Freezing!


Not a lot happening today. Mail run. Couple of walks. Installed some “cansolator” things into one of the cabinets to test out holding Thrive stuff. (I don’t like it. Way too much empty space. So far.)

BikAir4aPut some wood on the metal shelf I installed in my room a couple of weeks ago and put all those planes I got from my FIL on it. Too high.

X-Plane for a couple of hours. Trying to learn to land a helo without bouncing all over the place. Thinking maybe I should volunteer to be a drone pilot for the Marines. (Yes, I could kill people that, as we say down South, need killin’.)

Submitted a bunch of pictures to Google Maps from places we’ve been. Fun. I take lots of pictures when we go places. Love those with SWMBO in them.

All the usual chores, of course.

MCARC 10-Meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well. Still haven’t heard anyone from Ohio though.

So. Guess I’ll quit boring y’all.

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