Nice. Hot. Day. Sizzling!

Which meant a fairly lazy day for me. But, I kinda sorta had an excuse also: woke up (late! 0700) with a very stuffy head and that “blah” feeling one gets occasionally. Spent half my day blowing my nose. Just didn’t feel like doing anything.


So, I spent a goodly portion just laying out soaking in the heat But I did put on my clothes and make a run to Safeway for some things we needed. Then back to the sun. Wish my neighbors weren’t such prudes; me and the dog would go for a walk. But I don’t feel like getting dressed to do it. Ah well.


Other than that just not much going on. It’s 1630 now so I ought to start getting my dinner ready. Think I’ll go the easy route: frozen lasagna. (I won’t eat it frozen, of course. That’s why microwaves were invented. Wasn’t it?) (Note: Had a Herdez Pork Chile Colorado Bowl instead.)

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