Dang Nice Day Today! Wx Wise That Is…

Oh, it was so nice. Got above 70 degrees and it was mostly sunny and just a dang nice weather day!

So I spent part of it on top of the RV (hopefully) fixing minor leaks. Got the major leaks last time. Notice a part of the ceiling got a bit “damp” with the last bout of rain we had. I know, I know: The Joys Of RV Ownership.

Not much else going on around here. SWMBO and I are figuring financial options, I put my digger on Craig’s List but haven’t had any nibbles yet. We’ll see how all this goes.

She’s paid for the next test she needs to pass to get her certification renewed. Took a big chunk of her last check but will be worth it when she begins to look for another coding job. Test will be in Yakima of all places!

And that’s about it from Belfair, Wa. Not much going on; like I said.


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