I Haven’t Posted Because…

I just haven’t felt like it. Too many things going on. SWMBO lost her job and Group Health found a way to screw her out of her 300+ hours of vacation time so her last paycheck won’t be as much as she thought it would be (by minus thousands). Seems the HR guy, who originally said that she was due her vacation time, went back to the POS Department Manager and she re-wrote the “reason swmbo was let go” code in the paperwork so Group Health wouldn’t have to pay about 2 months pay. Asses!

Which pissed both of us off! So I don’t really feel like posting. I feel like putting together some signs and going down and picketing Group Health until they change their minds and at least give swmbo her vacation time. Raise a ruckus in the news and see how people react to that! Dipshits!

And there isn’t really anything else going on anyway. Put the Rv, dump truck and my Digger up for sale on Craig’s List. So far all the responses have been variations on a scam to get as much of my personal information as possible and that “the check was accidently made out for too much but you can cash it and send me back the extra” BS. Do people really fall for these idiot scammers? Am I the only one who has questions when some one from North Carolina wants to buy my RV and pay the full price without even stopping by to look at it? Isn’t it a bit unusual for someone to e-mail an offer to pay full asking price and ask for name, address & phone number without even dickering or coming out to look?

Well, *I* think it’s strange. So I referred these e-mails I got to the Washington State Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution. I doubt anything will happen; I mean, come on, it’s the Washington State Attorney’s Office for gosh sake! Unless you’re a gay couple wanting to get married or you’ve rammed through legislation to change the definition of marriage the WSAO isn’t going to do anything for you.

Anyway, don’t get me started.

I *really* want to get a good anti-Group Health group/site going. Collect every bad thing anyone has ever had to say about GHC in one place. I’d really like to see swmbo’s ex-manager get fired and screwed out of her vacation time.

But I’m fairly pissed right now.

So don’t get me started!

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