Weekly Roundup!

Well, I can always say “What a week!” but that doesn’t prove anything.

Let’s see. What the heck happened this week. Might as well start with today and work my way backwards.

Got up at my usual time, SSS and got out the door to go to COSTCO for some things for us and the Mason County Amateur Radio Club Field Day (this coming weekend). Shopping was uneventful. Nice to be out of the house though.

Stopped at the Bremerton Airport to take some pictures of a particular plane that I just like the looks of. Now to see where I can post it and see if anyone knows what kind of plane it is.

Friday was our usual date day and we went to breakfast at Family Pancake House in Port Orchard then spent way too much money at Albertson’s before going home. The rest of the day was uneventful. Meaning boring. Sort of.

Thursday? I think it was just a normal, boring, day spent around the house. Don’t remember anything special about it.

Wednesday went pretty much as my days usually do except I had the 2-meter net @ 1930. That is always fun. Our nets on Sunday & Tuesday evenings are a lot of fun also. The Sunday net is on 2-meters also. The Tuesday net is on 28.450. I heard pretty much everyone on that one. This new antenna I built is working pretty good!

And that is about the extent of my daily activities. Walk the dog. Water the garden. Water the plants out front. Rip a DVD. Check mail. Check e-mail.

Did kill one of my accounts at Google. The main one I use has a lot of pictures on Picassa and gmail. The other had few pictures but did use YouTube and Blogger. Figured if I killed the second account I wouldn’t lose many pictures (all duplicated under the other account) then rebuild both YouTube and Blogger and maybe do a better job. So I did that. Managed to import most of my old blog entries into the new blogger blog and have started re-uploading videos to YouTube. Cool!

And why am I doing all this? Cause it’s fun and cause I think all this stuff I leave “online” will be around way way longer than I will be. I don’t know how long a YouTube, Blogger & WordPress account will last with no activity but I figure it’s worth a shot. Besides, wouldn’t it be totally cool for someone a hundred years from now to be able to see my pictures on whatever their version of the Web will be!?

But I really want to make my “online” life easier and way simpler. I can’t erase what is already out there but I can try to put it all in one place.

Weather SUCKS for it being more than half way through June! Cloudy and wet today. Not many totally sunny and Warm days so far this year. Probably only a bit warmer/dryer than last summer though. Ah well. Better enjoy it cause I could go to a much warmer place when I die!

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