Taking The Easy Out This Week

Posting via e-mail because I don’t feel like lighting off the
Windows machine just to write a post. Even though the Windows
machine is only 4 (or so) feet away it’s too far to travel, with
too many moving parts at the other end, for me to travel at 0630
this morning.

So, this is the lazy man’s SSDD. And I do mean SSDD.

My recovery from butt-surgery not with standing (which has been
markedly pain-free and “neat”) SWMBO and I just haven’t done much
of anything. Except for our Friday “date” (KFC drive-thru then
parking overlooking the waterfront in Port Orchard cause you can’t
find a “sit-in” restaurant these days) we really haven’t been

Of interest to me: 2-Acre Vertical Farm Run By
AI And Robots Out-Produces 720-Acre Flat Farm (3 minute
Been thinking about starting a hydroponics “farm” in our basement; once we decide what we want to do with the basement. Just a small one
with 2-3 “units” to start with. I do love my home-grown peas.

But I’ll probably build half a dozen (6?) versions of the TARDIS to set in various places around the property. I’d put one or two in the back-40 but would find a transient family living in them by weeks end.

In the “I NEED Two Of Those” category: Scientists Discover a Gene to Stay Thin – Protects Against Diet-Induced Obesity. Diet-Induced. I love that. Diet-Induced.

of Binge-Drinkers Have to Work Harder to Feel Empathy for Others
I could have told you that for $29.95 from personal experience.
And I haven’t had a drink in almost 40 years.

Stressed Out Volcanoes More Likely To Erupt: I see a telethon on the
horizon. Meanwhile, US Politicians (D) organize $900 Billion
relief bill to find out why volcano’s could become stressed. (Bet
they blame it on Trump.)

Scientists Discover New Form Of Ice: That doesn’t require a glass and 4
ounces of bourbon.

Anywho, gotta take the Dog for our morning constitutional. It’s
only a mile. At least it ain’t raining today. Yet.

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