We Be All Pooped Out!

Wednesday the Septic alarm went off. Shit! That means the Septic is too full and something is not working right. Just what we need. Immediately went on low water routine: If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down. And take shorter showers, etc. Didn’t want anything backing up into the house.


So, yesterday, I spent a lot of time outside watching/helping first the Septic Pumper Dude (Dana) pump an almost full septic tank dry ($550 thank you very much) and then the electrical dude (Thad) replace a couple of the floats (and almost getting shocked when he shorted a couple of wires) ($190 and thank you very much). But at least we can all poop again.

But, spending those hours outside in the cold wind and rain did not help me any. Kind of set me back if today was any indication. Just felt punky, head stuffy, and I took a nap for a couple of hours before SWMBO got home. (I don’t usually do that. Micronap sometimes; but never a prolonged nap like that.)


So, I didn’t really feel like going too far for our Saturday Date. So SWMBO took me to DQ here in town, then our usual stop at Safeway, and back home where we be just chillin’. (But not how they mean Netflix and Chill nowadays.)

Spent some time on the phone with her parents trying to teach them how to use the new pad we sent and get them to where they could see our pictures online. That was fun.


Did a little bit of X-Plane while listening to “The Blob” and “Them” and now it’s about my bedtime. I need to get over this damed cold!

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