Started Out A Normal Tuesday…

And pretty much stayed that way…

One of the things that irritated me watching the news this morning: The BIG story on the local Q13 Fox and Yahoo News was Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy. In a society that vilifies “sex offenders” of all shapes, sizes and degrees, the BIG STORY is about a woman’s Tits (or lack thereof). Of course, this story was tucked in between ads for the lingerie fantasy football league & latest Sports Illustrated Bikini shoot. But what do you expect from a society in which Porn drove the success of the VCR, VHS tape & the Internet? Double standards? You bet!

Made a run to the Post Office & Key Bank. Got back and made a run to the dump. Got back and took SWMBO & Poop Dog for a walk. About to figure out what the hell to make for dinner while SWMBO orders more dirt for our tater planters. (I should make another run to Les for some more tires. I need 6 more at least.)

Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Power suddenly went out around 1500 or so. PUD3 said they had a downed line and grass fire and units were on the way. It was off for only 1.5 hours or so but that was enough for SWMBO to take me to DQ for dinner. Hard to cook with no electricity around here.

Moon Crap!

Not much else going on. Still light outside so we’ll probably head down and plant some more seeds in the garden.

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