What A Great Wx Day!

Was so nice me and the dog took off all our clothes and took a walk through the property a couple of times! We do enjoy a nice warm day! Don’t get enough of them around here.

I used to fly SAR in a helo like this.

Other than that just not much going on. Pretty normal Sunday for me: meaning I got some laundry done in addition to the dishes. I did get off my duff and grill SWMBO and our Son a steak (each). Had chicken myself. Added home-grown peas and some tater salad and dinner was excellent (if I do say so myself!). The peas were warm enough to eat but still crunchy. Yummy!

Also did the usual and watered the garden. Then picked the peas we had for dinner. We’d have to turn our whole yard into a garden to grow enough peas for us to have them all year. I don’t care though; I enjoy having our garden and the things we grow in it while they last. I’ll worry about growing enough for a year when the “End Of Society As We Know It” comes about. Next year if NObama has his say. (But don’t get me started!)

Have the HRD Satellite Tracking program running in the background. Should be able to step out on the deck about 2349 tonight and wave to the ISS.

I’m getting rather upset with our Renters. They’ve been staying up and making noise well into the AM (like 0200!) and it keeps me awake. AND, even though they have paid their rent, they’ve never paid it on time. (Meaning the 1st of each month.) Don’t get me wrong; I do like them both; I just wish they’d learn to shut the hell up after 2200 on weeknights and 2300 on weekends.


No real MCARC 2-meter Net tonight as I could only hear static. Barely heard the ARES check-in. I’ll be glad when we get our Repeater fixed! (Can’t happen soon enough for me!!)

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