But She Is Feeling A Bit Better

My lovely, young, bride, the light of my life and light of my eyeballs, the venerable SWMBO, stayed home today, in bed, with a Cold. The Cold made her tired; the medicine for the Cold knocked her butt out for most of the day. But she’s feeling well enough to eat dinner (Pulled BBQ Chicken, mixed veggies, Red Beans & Rice) with me at the table. Cool!


I, in deference to her being unconcious, spent the day “puttering” around the house, cleaning up my room (found FOUR pair of reading glasses!), and listening to the radio. Also looked for a new 144/440 radio online. And tried to log in for online banking (Linux & Firefox 43 are unsupported!). And making dinner. Which I mentioned before. And reading.


Making Peanut Butter cookies and waiting for the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net to start. Think I’ll read until then.

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