Indulged Myself This Morning

Made myself a mater-green pepper-Sausage Sprinkle-Havarti Cheese Omelet, toasted English Muffin, and Sunny D breakfast. Was good! Ready to kick ass and screw the names today! (Sure!)


While scanning Genealogical Helpers, getting the dishes done, prepping for stewing tomato’s, finishing the laundry, and taking time to watch the latest Doctor Who. Oh, and ripping some more of my DVD’s to .mp4 files.

I like staying busy.

What They Looked Like When I Started.

1130 – First batch of maters boiling down. Decided to do the regular tomato’s first and the Roma’s as their own batch. I want to see if there is a difference in the sauces.


Decided on Meatloaf, Peas, and Mashed Taters for dinner. It’s all cooking now. Picked another 10lbs of tomato’s from the garden. Won’t be long until I can boil them down. Just not much else going on.

And that’s another day at the King’s household. It’s 2030. SWMBO’s home and I’m about to call it a day. Tired of scanning Genealogy Helper’s and negatives. Tired of ripping my DVD’s. Just tired.

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