Holy Crap! Where Did The Time Go?

FemJoy-02-13It’s already Thursday. Thursday! What the Hell have I been doing?

Glad you asked.

Not a whole lot, really. Pretty SSDD around the house what with chores and walking the dog several times a day. It’s just too cold and dreary for me to get outside much.

Did get up at 0315 this morning and get out of the house by 0400 to take the Caravan to Tacoma for it’s annual warranty-for-life check. Got over there about 0530 (STILL didnt manage to avoid traffic!) and just sat around until my appointment at 0945.

Really nice folks there. Helpful. Courtious. The annual check cost me $103 but I had them redo/renew some of the sealant on the roof and fenders so my total came in right at $203. Not bad. Still think it’s kind of a con-job that they sell you a “warranty for life” plan (that doesn’t cover sealant and some othe things) then require you to take the RV in for an annual check (which they charge you for) in order for the warranty for life to remain in effect. It’s almost like, I don’t know, I’m double paying for something.

Did find a little 15-ft Winnebago trailer that I’d trade ours in for if I wouldn’t take such a beating financially. It is just the right size for how we “camp.” (We park it, head out in the truck, come back, sit for awhile, sleep, repeat.) Met a retired Army guy that had just traded in one of those driveable RV’s that he still owed $65k on for a nice 30 ft trailer. He said I should trade in if I wanted to cause “Who ya gonna leave your money to?”

SWMBO’s Son’s truck was in the way when I got home so I couldn’t park the Caravan in it’s spot until he came home. No real biggie. Got ‘er done though. Glad I put the parking space where I did. All I have to do is line up with the driveway and back it in. Easy Peasy.

Dang. Was so tired last night I forgot to post.

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