Just Another SSDD Wednesday.

Which is as it should be, I suppose. No. Wait. I did do something different today. I got to make a trip to the Social Security Office in Silverdale, WA where I got to wait an hour to drop off some papers. I swear, I waited an hour to literally talk to the girl behind the bullet-proof plastic for less than a minute. For a Government Agency, that’s pretty efficient! (NOT!)


So I stopped by the RV Show in the parking lot of the Mall where there were lots of RV’s, but nobody to show them or let you into them. There is just so much you can see by standing on tip-toes and peeking in the windows.

Something About This Size Is All We Need.

Made it home okay where I did my usual chores. We got some more of that Thrive stuff in via UPS (they delivered it to the house this time!) and it’s already unpacked and “on display” for SWMBO to see when she gets home. Then I may let her figure out how to use some of it for dinner.

Naw, that’d be too late for me to eat. Think I’ll make toasted tuna sandwiches for dinner. Maybe some BBQ Chips to go with that. (Wound up toasting the bread instead of the Tuna. Much easier.)


Moved my 2-meter antenna from one side of the deck to the other so maybe I can finish painting the railings before the rain starts again this weekend. Needs to be done and I’ve put it off until the very last minute. As usual.

The MCARC 2-meter chat net went well.

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