Stay Your Ass At Home Day 5

I think. Sunday and this started last Wednesday, so, yeah, Day 5. I had a hard enough time remembering what day it was before all this; retired, you know. Old Guy too.


So, this is the prediction for this week. Notice Tuesday night into Wednesday. Won’t happen but it’s still kinda late in the year. Except every year we have a good snow in March. Except Wednesday is April Fools Day. Last year about this time we had our SnowMaGeddon. Go figure.

blnd2The Sun has shown and, except for the wind, is fairly nice outside. Me and the Dog have been on a couple of walks today. It’s Sunday so I’m not expending a whole lot of energy getting things done.

Except that I decided to make that Buttermilk Chicken for dinner. So I had to prepare the marinade (buttermilk and stuff), cut the chicken up, and start it to soaking for 3-8 hours. At 1700 it’ll be 5 hours so we’ll see. Adding some mashed and brussels sprouts. Wonder if I should try to pressure fry the chicken? (Not a whole lot of experience with pressure frying.)

I’m liking this new install of Linux Mint 19 Xfce 64 bit. Running from a SSD it’s pretty responsive. Well, that and that I haven’t gummed up the works by installing a LOT of other shit. Yet. Still gotta set up Thunderbird.

Had to change the Window Manager to Metacity + Composting cause Xfwm4 + Composting wasn’t working. Woiuld let me grab windows but couldn’t move or resize them. No, I don’t know why. Hard to get anything done that way though.

Got StreamWriter set up and running fine so I can listen to my Internet Radio Stations again. I really like Chilltrax and Chill In Zone and a few others. Oldies. Country. (But not really the “new” Country. Too Pop for me.)


Dinner was good. Watching the collection of “Mysteries at the Museum” shows I downloaded but haven’t watched. Kitchen’s clean. Think I’ll just chill until bedtime.

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