Information Junkie. That’s Me.

Cause I’m always looking “stuff” up online. And it’s never been easier. My morning, uh, business, involves taking my Nexus 7 in with me where I catch up on Tumblr, G+, Facebook, and read which ever “News” site I feel like at that moment. (They are all different in their approach to the “news” so it depends on what I’m looking for.) I gotta be honest: sometimes I sit there so long my legs start to tingle. (Way too much information.)


Throughout the day I’m checking my e-mail and following links to different articles sent to me. Then I’ll come across something “interesting” and spend some time on Wikipedia or wherever. Lots of interesting “stuff” out there.

Then, at bedtime, I’ll lay down and catch up on Tumblr, G+, and Facebook again before finally falling asleep. After I check my e-mail again. If I don’t go watch a video on flying or WWII or Lightning or whatever on YouTube.


Why? You may ask. I don’t know. It’s not like me knowing anything is going to change the world. But I still want to know. Not enough to do during the day? Old, Retired, and feeling useless? Hmmm. Could be. Obsessive-Compulsive? Maybe.

Made a run to PSNS to get a sticker for my new truck. They don’t issue stickers anymore; but did put me in the system. Seems all you have to do now is show your ID Card (which you had to do anyway). So, cool.


Other than that it’s just an SSDD around here. MCARC Wednesday 2-meter Chat Net went well. Watching “Burn Notice” and just chilling.

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