What A Busy Day! Like It!

Started off by me being at the electrical place by 0900 so they could install that connector thingie. Went well. I found the blown fuse for my running lights. Replaced that also. All for just over a hundred bucks.


Came home and ate some breakfast. Got out and re-packed the tent trailer. Man, that’s harder than unpacking it! Took twice as long I figure. But I got it done and hooked up to my truck. Everything working except the left turn signal.


Spent the rest of the day tracking that down. I’ve narrowed it to either the connector I had installed, or the part that plugs into it. All I know is when I plug the damned thing in I have to wiggle it and the left turn signal will start to work. I’m leaving fixing that until tomorrow cause I’m tired of messing with the thing today.


Not much else going on. Finally warming up out there but not quite enough to lay out. Too “partially” cloudy. Too damned busy.

And we’re back from picking SWMBO up for the evening. That pretty much means it’s the end of my day. Did manage to check into the MCARC Wednesday Chat Net on the way out but quickly lost their signal. Ah well.

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