I’ve Always Lived By These Two Mantras: Don’t Make Me Stop This Car & You Want Something To Cry About? I’ll Give You Something To Cry About!

So this is what we’re looking at for the day. And it’s only 0600. Atmospheric river heading our way with lots of rain and another flood watch for most of Western WaRshington. Again.

I gotta move back to Yuma.

It’s Monday and the top jobs I have today are:

1) Call and make a “Warranty For Life” RV (required!) inspection appointment.
2) Call and refill one of my Fat Old Guy meds that I ran out of over the weekend.
3) Gather everything together for a dump run tomorrow.
4) Burn trash. (IF the wind ain’t blowing too hard.)

And that’s all I need to do today. Unless one counts the usual chores. Then I’ll need a longer list.

That “Warranty For Life” on the RV kind of bugs me. They “give” you the warranty, then require annual inspections that cost you at least $150. AND I have to drag the RV to north of Tacoma (usually in morning traffic). Whole day: gone.

Dump run/Burning trash. We throw all the non-meat left-overs out into the yard where it, usually, just does the nature thing and feeds the grass. (Or the bunnies.) We don’t throw out enough to cause the stinks or bug problems. That would be wasteful. And I live in the “country” off the paved road next to the forest anyway. Get off my case about it!

The only things that go into our trash cans are non-recyclables (another scam but MAYBE I’m doing the right thing) and things I cannot burn. Or things I should burn (downed branches, etc). So I can hold off making a dump run for about a month. Two cans usually. $11. Separate trip for the plastics and glass and cardboard and stuff. (Not separate trips for each. One for the cans and one for the other stuff. Nevermind.)

Unless I’ve cut up a chicken. After a couple of days that shit stinks so I’ll make a dump run.

Except for this last chicken that I got whole and butchered myself. Once I rendered the fat/skin into “smaltz,” and made stock of the “left-overs” there really wasn’t anything but bones to get rid of.

Wow, raining like a bi-otchie out there!

WAY much later this same day:

Took SWMBO to her friends funeral at the church. Got back kinda late.

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