Gettin’ Old Is Not For The Weak!

So my lovely-young-bride of 34+ years is finding out. Not that she’ll ever get “old.” To me at least. She walked into another room while I was talking then complained she couldn’t hear me.Welcome to My World.

Forgot that I was a member (in good standing) on the Steam platform. Was weeding out my logins and passwords yesterday and found the entry. Hey, didn’t I pay for a few “games” on that? Yes. Yes I did.

Threw Some Moons At The Earth

So I logged on using this ACEPC mini-computer and installed “Universe Sandbox,” a Universe sim, and spent a couple of hours lobbing meteor’s at Earth. Cool! Got a “not enough video memory so will be running in lower graphics mode” error; but it worked just fine and really looked good. You could see each explosion from each meteor (if they’re big enough. The meteor, not the explosion. Nevermind.).

Then I set it to downloading and installing MSFS X (10.8 GIG!). Took all night but finished up about 0800. Installed and runs nice. Graphics look over 10 years old(which they are) but it runs pretty smooth. X-Plane 10 is next!

clThat I barely believe the “News” anymore is well known and I tend to research stories through multiple sources  before making up my mind. So, this morning I was reading an article about Cheryl Ladd complaining about always having to wear bikini’s for Charlie’s Angels. So I searched “Cheryl Ladd Tiny Bikini.” When SWMBO saw my screen it was tough getting her to believe I was researching every possible angle of the story to get to the truth of the matter.

Gee, what a rough life.

In my efforts to make my life easier I quit Social Media (FB, Thumblr, GAB, etc). Now I’m in a quandary of what to do with I originally set it up for my family to upload and display their old family pics. They aren’t interested. Not sure if I want to continue it or just rely on Google Photos; where you can keep your originals free. Easier to share too. I just don’t know. Every time I mention getting rid of SWMBO goes ‘But, mah mail!.”

WHO released new figures recently. Seems approximately 750 million folks World Wide got the Covid. Approximately 1 million died from it. That’s 0.13%. Same as the seasonal flu. Democrats fooked us over for the flu. Are y’all paying attention yet?

I swear. When I see people outside walking along by themselves and they’ve got a mask on, I really want to stop and bitch slap some sense into them. Not that it would do any good. I saw a guy peddling his bicycle the other day with a mask on. Dipshit.

I like to show folks in Walmart just how good their masks are with an “Old Guy Fart” when I walk by them. If you can’t smell that, you’ve got a good mask on.

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