More HARD Rain Today!

I mean it was coming down hard. Hard. HARD! this afternoon. I’m beginning to wonder if I should worry about this (smallish) hill we live on. If the other side of our hill were to ever let go there are an awful lot of people that’d be washed into the Sound.

Carrie (2013)

Not much else going on. Got some things done. Didn’t get some things done. Pretty regular day for me now that I’m “retired.” Well, actually, got most everything done that I had planned to do today (with only short breaks to listen to the Renters scream at each other and slam a lot of doors) so I guess I didn’t do too bad.

Spent way too much time sitting on my ass and “playing” on the computer. Remembered I had made a Google+ account under KF7LTT so I went and played with that for awhile. Uploaded all my “Ham” related pictures.

My terminology there says how old I am too.  I’m always “playing” on the computer even when I actually do work related stuff. That’s cause PC’s were so rare “way back when” that, if you had one, you were “playing” on it because we hadn’t actually figured out how to make them “work” for us. Unless you were a “programmer”; which we all tried to be at one time or another. So, I still “play” on the computer even when I’m ripping my music or movies, typing a letter, filling out my gnucash files, building databases, or watching nude volleyball. Even when contacting someone across the globe on my radio using psk-31 I’m “playing.” So I’m Old.

Ok. Home from picking SWMBO up. Still raining hard. Wind really kicks up every so often. Actually had to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Eight Legged Freaks!

One of the guys called to say that I missed a great 10-meter net tonight. They had three guys from Ohio and one from Maryland check in and their signals were really clear and that everybody heard them. Cool! Wish I coulda been there.

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