Walking With Dinosaurs

Oh, we’re having so much fun. Do Dah. Do Dah. The Voices tell me clean my gun’s. Oh Do Dah Day.


Just not a whole lot going on around here. Pretty SSDD Sunday what with getting my usual chores done. Laundry. Dishes. SWMBO made an excellent batch of Swedish Meatballs for dinner. Waiting on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net.


We did get to that New Mexican Restaurant in town yesterday. So far, of all the places I’ve eaten (Mexican food), this one reminds me most of my Step-Mother’s cookin’. SWMBO rolled me out of there stuffed. It was pretty good and didn’t cost an arm and a leg


Still playing with WED and found a program on Steam that let’s one play with the Universe; creating or destroying. It’s costs $20 and I’m not sure if I want to spend $20 on a simulation that may not keep me interested more than a few hours. But, then, $20 for a few hours “fun” isn’t really that bad. I’ve spent more.

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