I Cooked All 3 Meals Yesterday. And Yet We Live.

Woke up to snow this morning! Cool! Made for a bit more interesting walk. Not that I need more interesting, but, once the Dog has stuck his nose in all the poop available on the route there’s just not that much to see for the rest of the walk. Mountains look nice al majestic and stuff.

My Great-Grandmother would tell you “Hang On.” then put her glasses on to hear you better.

Then she’d spit her snuff into her spit cup and ask “What? Come here and give grandma a kiss.”

I had a weird childhood.

SWMBO had me get all my OLD meds out of the drawer where I throw them when the Doc changes my Rx and tells me “Don’t take the OLD meds or you could DIE!” Got almost half a Walmart grocery bag full! We’ll drop them off at the Pharmacy next time we go there. IF I remember to take them in the first place. Speaking of first place: don’t I qualify for a ribbon for Most Old Meds Collected or something?

Grandma also had this mutt of a half-poodle half-whatthefuckisthat Dog that she’d cook a pork chop for for dinner. Then feed us kids cornbread and milk. Don’t get me wrong; we liked cornbread and milk, but that damned dog got a PORK CHOP. We hated that dog.

Can I give my participation certificate back? Pepe LePew a rapist? Bugs & Daffy violent? Dude! We used to escape the every day violence of our existence with those cartoons. Hell, Dad used to make the 3 of us boys get out in the yard and fight each other to “toughen us up,” so cartoon violence wasn’t shit. Mom used to make us pick the switch she, well, switched us with. (God forbid you got one not suitable for her!)

i think y’all mean: Pepe LePew, Therapist.

Grandma also made us jello. Lots of jello. It was cheap and went far and was easy to clean up. It also had dog hairs in it. From her dog (in case that needed clarification.) I was 55 before I could eat jello again. Even when I made it I tasted dog hair.

Well, walk done. Breakfast eaten. Beginning Of The End (1957) is almost over. SWMBO’s elderly friends are coming over today. Think I need something at Walmart. The Portland Walmart.

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