Almost A “Normal” Day. Again.

Took SWMBO to her Doctor’s appointment at the Naval Hospital this morning. She had to be there by 0800, so we left the house about 0715. I just sat in the car (sometimes watching “Thor” on my Nexus 7). Was nice out there. Seemed to take a long time for her to get finished though. Maybe because I was waiting…


Dropped her off at the Ferry Landing about 1030 and headed home. Checked the mail on the way in. Haven’t been doing much beyond my “usual” chores. Did pick another large pot of peas. Watered the garden. Went for a couple of walks. Sprayed weed killer on both the driveways. Listened in on the radio to my friend down Vista way.

Lucille Ball

Pretty much SSDD.

And then I sawed a tennis ball in half for SWMBO.

You don’t want to go there.

fsx 2014-05-22 20-44-02-07

No. Really. You don’t want to go there.

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