Sunday. O Sunday. Day Of Rest

My Ass. Well, it may actually be a bit less hectic than any other day around here; but not by much. Still have my usual chores, but get to add laundry to it. Plus I’m going to make BBQ Ribs for dinner and have to figure out what to make with them.


Been listening to the radio today. Made a contact on 15-meters for the ARRL Centennial celebration they’re having. Watching the waterfall for PSK31 on 20-meters right now.

Playing with Linux Mint on my radio computer. Going to see if I can set up Ham Radio Deluxe 5.2 to run, and do what it’s supposed to do, under Linux. I still like Linux and would still switch over if I could easily do everything I do in Windows in Linux. (Hope that made sense.)


Not much else going on around here. Dinner was good. Dishes are doing. Laundry is almost done. Watching Comet Collision from the Discovery Channel. Downloading HRD 5.2 on the radio computer. Scanning SWMBO’s Genealogical Helpers. Keeping busy for a Sunday!


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in another hour. Which went rather well actually. Nine check-ins tonight. Then some of us got together on 40-meters to let one of the new guys check his rig. Heard everyone even if they were kind of down in the mud for me. At least I could tell someone was talking. Talked with W7FBI back on our repeater after the 40-meter meet. Interesting.

But, that’s it. I gotta get ready for bed. Have to wear that monitor tonight since it didn’t work last night. Well, it probably worked; I woke up about 0100 taking it off. Have to have it back to the Naval Hospital by 0900 tomorrow!

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