Turns Out I Be Pretty Boring

Well, what the Hell have I been up to? No idea. Hanging around the house waiting for it to get warm enough to go outside. Other than that, buttkiss. (Butkas?)

Last Saturday was “date day” of course. SWMBO took me to teriyaki chicken in Gig Harbor before making a stop of COSTCO. That’s always fun! We actually got out of there fairly inexpensively this time. If you don’t count the $50 I spent for two 64g SanDisc’s. More about those later …

Sunday was our usual Sunday. Mostly. I set up one of those cards with a version of Ubuntu that’ll work with the Raspberry Pi2. Spent most of the evening working on that. Got it working great except it won’t play video files. Seems to load them but will not play. Which means I can’t use one of these to swap out SWMBO’s laptop and make a bit more room on her desktop. But, I’ll keep playing with it. AND the Ubuntu installation too!


Yesterday (Sunday) it was also dark cloudy and rather cool all damned day too. Sucked. You could NOT tell it’s the middle of July around here! Our garden is freezing it’s ass off!

Today though, Monday, it was sunny and about 80 degrees today. Go figure. So me and the Dog spent a lot of time outside. Repositioned my longwire dipole antenna and got it about 10 feet higher. Doesn’t seem to work any better; but it’s higher. (My Tuner is messed up too. Won’t make good contacts when tuning. Makes that staticy noise.)

Also installed fldigi and am learning that. Works great on my multi-band fan dipole that I made but haven’t really seen any signals to test Rx.  Will keep playing with that too.

Ordered that Panasonic G7 and it should be here sometime between 2-10 Aug. Have no idea why it takes so long; but that’s just the way it is.

Watching “Great Earthquakes of the Pacific Northwest” lecture on YouTube.

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