What A Lazy Day!

Damned lazy even for me! Too cold outside so SWMBO and I went for only one walk around the property. Folded up the snow fencing we use on the garden to keep the deer out. That was enough of being outside for me!

Did download and watch the latest “Doctor Who – Time of the Doctor.” Then watched it again. It was a bit strange (even for a sci-fi show) but they did it well. Kinda sorta hate to see Matt Smith ending his stint as the Doctor. I will check out the new guy and see how it goes. At least they’re keeping Clara!

Not much else going on. SWMBO and I are about to go to Safeway for some milk and other things we need. Gotta go by the Post Office and drop off Netflix. We’d have gone earlier but I hate “rush hour” traffic. Even the rush hour traffic we get in Belfair. You’d think a guy that learned to drive in Los Angeles wouldn’t mind a bit of traffic. I do.

Dang! It’s Friday now and I forgot to post this last night…

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