Quite A Different Day Around Here!

What with SWMBO being off to work out of the house. That’s the first time in 7-8 years and it seems quiet around here.

Guess it affected me too cause I’ve been cleaning and straightening up and keeping busy getting things done. Not really a first for me; but not as usual as it should be. I have accomplished more today than I usually do.


Made BBQ Pork and tater tots for dinner. I was the only one here to eat it but it was good anyway. SWMBO won’t be home for our regular dinner time (I have to eat sorta early or my GERD acts up) cause she has to take the 1845 Ferry back to Bremerton from Seattle. Hope her new bosses let her adjust her hours by about 15 minutes each way so she can catch the 1730 Ferry (but I wouldn’t bet on it).


Not much else going on around here. Wx was overcast and sometimes sprinkling so the dog and I got to take only one walk. Most of the blackberry’s are dried up on their vines.

Stewed some more maters that I picked a few days ago. This will become routine until the last tomato is picked. We gotta start using last year’s!


I should get to go pick SWMBO up at the Ferry terminal about 2000. That will become routine also. (It was confusing! You can’t pull up right in front of the terminal. You have to circle on a side street. Doesn’t seem safe to me.)

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