It’s The Sunday Before Christmas 2012

clip_image001 Just not much going on around here really. Been mostly too wet to get out much but, occasionally, Poop Dog and I get out for a short walk.
All the snow has melted. Supposed to get more Christmas morning. Cool! Supposed to get 2” to 8” of wet snow. I like it when SWMBO gets her white Christmases… Her present is already on the Mantle. Hope she likes it!

Sunday evening MCARC chat net went well this evening. Had 9 check-ins. It still didn’t last over 40 minutes or so. Was interesting though.

I’m sitting on my ass way too much!

Been a slow week around here too.

Thinking of killing my Facebook account and sticking with G+. I like my family, especially my Uncle John, but am tired of my cousin’s self-centeredness and adverse reactions to anything she see’s as criticism. She tends to take everything personally instead of in the spirit of conversation or the exchange of ideas. I’m tired of it. I love her; but I don’t want to talk to her anymore. Is that bad?

And it would be one less thing to try to keep up with. Right now I do my blog (but not often enough), my other blog, the other wordpress blog, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, the MCARC & NMARES sites (& Gallery’s), my gallery and my Drupal experimental site. MCARC Financial stuff and am still the NMARES President (until next May). Then we get into the daily e-mail… (Not to mention the Tech Type sites I visit regularly…)

I’ve gotten to where, if a website asks/demands I “join” I just go somewhere else to find the information I was looking for. If I’m trying to buy something and their site wants me to register, I leave them a comment that they’d probably had a sale if I didn’t have to register. I belong to 55 different sites; and remembering the user names & passwords is a BITCH! So, I’m not joining any more sites if I can help it; and am trying to pare down some of those I’m already a member of.

Oh, I post to the three blogs “just in case” I have to close my site down. The same reason I have Gmail & Yahoo e-mail addresses. Fourteen different e-mail addresses all told! But 8 of them would die with my site. I set up that many way back when I first started my site to do different things. It ain’t working. Sometimes if I go to a site I haven’t been to in awhile I’ll type in several of them before stumbling on the right one.

Haven’t made a contact, other than the scheduled Nets, on my radio in over a month. Seems I’m always doing something else and don’t get to it. The radio is on and I’m listening to it in the background though. Sometimes I attempt to make a contact with someone really far away (usually they don’t hear me) but not often. I don’t enjoy the radio any less; I just don’t take/get that much time on it lately.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Be Safe!


Speaking of which: I had my radio scanning the different bands all day the 21st. Not sure if I really wanted to hear “Oh My God. The World Is Fad………..”

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One thought on “It’s The Sunday Before Christmas 2012

  1. Hell, I forgot to mention YouTube and all the photo places for myself and the two Ham clubs!!!