Still Alive. Just Busy.

Tried to get all my outside summer is about to end shit done before the rain started.
Didn’t make it. Raining yesterday & today. We really need it though. And now I can get back to the four (4) things I need to do to completely finish off the MILA. (FILA, actually.)
Possible lightning so all my radio’s are unplugged from the antenna’s.
Took SWMBO and the animals to Lake Cushman last Friday for a Date Day Picnic. Her cat slipped it’s leash and disappeared for about an hour. She (SWMBO) got upset when I told her I’d tell folks she lost her pussy in the bush if she didn’t find it. So, new rule: Cat goes nowhere witout a harness.
Bruce Willis. Poor guy.
Watching “The Brain From Planet Arous (1957) Colorized” on Youtube. Say what you want about John Agar movies but he was always busy.

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