Fairly Normal SSDD Sunday!

Which means I didn’t do a lot. Regular laundry day. Spaghetti & Spaghetti Squash (and Texas Toast) for dinner. Dishes.


Did get off my duff and blanch the beans and peas we’ve been picking over the last couple of days. They’re freezing now then we’ll put them in sealable sandwich bags and back in the freezer. Glad to get that done for what we have picked. Lots more on the vines. Tomato’s getting bigger also! Soon it’ll be time to reduce them for sauce.

Cloned my backup file of my laptop to a virtual machine to play with it in VMWare. It wants me to register it (Windows 7) though so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to play with it. Sides, I’m just playing around to see what I can do. Got this utility from the VMWare folks that lets me turn a physical drive into a virtual drive. Could be fun…

And that’s about it for today. Just not much else going on. Wx has been okay but overcast. Hope it clear out before tonight! I woke up at 0140 and stepped outside to see if I could see any Perseid meteors, but it was cloudy so I went back to bed.. Woke up again 0430 and did the same. Sometimes I really hate this place! Next time we’re going to be out in the desert somewhere so we can see the Perseids!

Where To Look.

Trying to watch this live online. The Slooh Space Camera seems to be frozen (at least the clouds aren’t moving. Too much light too; it should be totally dark there but the clouds are pinkish…) and the NASA camera out of Huntsville, AL shows mostly clouds and some lightning.

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