So, I’m A Caveman. So?

Pretty sure I’m a throwback to really ancient times. When the sun goes down (at about 1630) my body says “Bedtime!” and starts to slow down. I get the urge to put my robe on, sit back and relax, maybe even have a drink. (Ginger Ale in my case. Quit drinking alcohol way back in the 70’s. Which is probably why I remember them. The 70’s. Nevermind.) Wasn’t like this at age 20!

28lbs of Chuck. $103

Yesterday at around 0940 SWMBO shows up at my desk all dressed (and looking good!).  I asked  “Where ya goin/?”  “Church.” she says. “It starts in about 20 minutes.”

“Uh, Babe. It’s Thursday.”

The look on her face! Welcome To My World, Woman! I get days that I think its like, Wednesday, when it’s actually Thursday. Really throws me off. But this is the first time being this far off for her. She has my sympathy. (And always my love and affection!) But it was funny.

So, since she was dressed and I enjoy being seen with her we went out shopping. Stopped by “Cash n Carry” (or whatever it changed it’s name to) and bought that 28 lb chunk of chuck you see above. And made a run to WinCo Foods.

About A Years Supply Of Ground Chuck

When we got home I turned that 28 lb of chuck into about 23 lbs of Ground Chuck. That’s about a years supply for us. Got it all sucker-bagged and in the freezer. Today I’ll cut up the pork loin into the thick chops SWMBO likes and get those sucker-bagged and in the freezer.

Been raining so much the back-40 is all flooded and we (the Dog and I) can’t walk part of our path unless we have our rain boots (galoshes?) on. He hates wearing his. Makes him walk funny. Back yard is squishy. Upper driveway is flooded.

Read where scientists in Israel have actually reversed the ageing process in humans by putting OLD FOLKS in pure oxygen pressurized chambers. Which I would do in a heartbeat. IF they promise to let me out.

Now taking bets that Biden has a “accident” or “Severe Heart Attack” within six months of being in office. Have mixed feelings about Kamila being the first woman president: She’s a Socialist POS, BUT, At Least It Ain’t Hillary!

Think I’ll have a bunch of “Trump 2024” bumper stickers made and start putting them on cars with “Black Lives Matter” signs in the windows …

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