Been trying to get back here for a week. Sorta. Thought about it a lot. Every day, really. Sorta. What with how boring, well, routine, my life is mostly I just couldn’t work up the effort to post. And, even though I don’t post for anyone else in particular, those that “follow” this blog deserve more than SSDD.

Or do they? So, SSDD.  Only, with the Wx being like it is I seem to get more reading done than housework/chores/things that need to be done around the house. Without sitting around too much.

Need to get off my ass and do a field day for Thanksgiving though. Not that we’re dirty; just somewhat messy. And we ARE going to have family over. Not sure if we’ll exceed the maximum imposed by Herr Insley, and don’t care. If the Police want to break into my house because I have too many folks over then they’re welcome. We’ll set a couple of extra plates. (The Police are pretty much always welcome in my house.)

SWMBO and I were talking the other night and we decided that the US Government, under Biden, should give every LEGAL American 18 and older $1 million dollars. With the stipulations that you 1) Pay off or buy a house, and 2) Buy an American made car. A possible 3rd option would be to put the bucks in a bank, unable to touch the principle, and live off the interest.

With 331 Million LEGAL Americans that would be about $331 Million (minus anyone under 18) and would still be cheaper than the $2-Trillion the Dems want to spend. If that doesn’t take care of the poverty problem nothing will. And if you get the money and spend all of it then you just do without. You’d of had your chance and if you blow it the Government will not help you again.

Honestly, other than the people screwing it up I can’t see why this wouldn’t work. But I’m probably not being a realist. Or too Socialistic Smile But if the Government is just going to give money away, let’s make it worthwhile. And, it’s got the potential to be a lot cheaper than some of the programs we continue to dole out the bucks for now. Welfare!? Who needs it. Give them a one time payment of $1 million and let them prosper or die.

We think the Government could also save a butt-ton of money on our electrical grid (and make it way safer) if they just flat out paid for solar systems on every house and got rid of the wire totally. Or put in neighborhood fuel cell systems and charge each house the same amount for hydrogen deliveries once a week (or whenever). Hard for terrorists to take over or fuck up every local fuel cell system when they don’t connect to each other.

Would probably put the electrical company’s out of business; but would create a butt-ton of new jobs for local servicemen/technicians. Would stop a lot of pollution. Decrease CO2 levels and all. Save The Whales! Save The Glaciers! Save 10% Now!

The battle cry could be: Tesla Walls For Everyone!

So, nothing going on around here.

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