A Thanksgiving First For Us!

Everything was going pretty good until SWMBO’s Son started the stove on fire. Grease in a drip-pan thingy and a burner turned a bit too high.


Didn’t want to go out either. Wet rag didn’t work. Pan lid didn’t work. Finally had to reach in and remove the electric burner (AFTER making sure it was turned off!), grabbing the drip-pan thingy and flinging it into the sink. (So, no, it wasn’t a large fire. Yet.) Minor scorching to my hand but we’ll all live. Everyone (but me) got pretty excited for a few moments there. (I don’t get excited. Too much training.)

Otherwise, Thanksgiving went mostly well. Took some turkey dinner to my shUt-in neighbors.

Friday was SWMBO’s Birthday. Tried to find a restaurant where we could have a sit-down dinner but, alas, Herr Insley has closed them all down except for curb-side delivery. So we wound up doing our usual Friday Walmart run and eating Whopper’s in the Burger King parking lot. At least we were together. She’s still that sweet young thing I married 34 years ago.


I bought her a subscription to newspapers.com for her birthday/ anniversary/ Christmas present this year. And a subscription to Family Tree magazine with online content. Figured she was tired of $200 gift cards from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.

Her son has Scottish ancestry he’s particularly fond of, so last May I bought him and his future bride their own square foot each (plus 2 10ft square plots) through Highland Titles; which makes them actual Laird & Lady land owners in Scotland. It was kinda sorta expensive for a retired guy on a fixed income but I thought they’d really enjoy it.

So, Thanksgiving when they were getting ready to leave he mentions that he’d found a place you could buy a square foot of Scotland and become a Laird & Lady and they’d ordered theirs the previous week.



I was pretty upset for a  few but, really, there’s no one to blame for anything. So, Christmas I’ll give them their presents and explain that I’d bought them last summer and that’s it.

But, it’s like SWMBO says: Don’t Buy Anything This Close To Christmas! Ever!

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