Another Pretty Normal Tuesday…

Except that at about 0400 our new tenants baby started crying and that woke me up. Then SWMBO’s (damn!) cat decided to climb on the bed and start is (way too) loud purring. THEN at 0415 or so SWMBO turned over towards me an snored into my ear, so I took my quilt and hit the couch. It was a still no-win situation though as the “couch” is way too short. So, I’ve basically been up since 0400 this morning.

Which has not made for a “happy place” day!

SWMBO did pull me along to  LOWE’s to buy some blinds for the MILA. Made a stop at Jo Ann’s and the “Dolla” Store on the way back.

Earth vs Flying Saucers

Now I’m just kinda sorta waiting for the 1930 MCARC 10-meter Chat Net to start. Which went fairly well, in case you hung around. This net is usually more understandable than the 2-meter nets. Hmmm…

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