Well, Hello Friday!

Not that one day really makes a difference over another. Retired, you know. The only good thing about Friday, to me, is that it means SWMBO has a couple of days off from work and she gets to spend some of that time with me. That’s cool!


Not much going on around here. Tried mowing; danged tire went flat. Almost came off the wheel. Tried inflating it but my air tank thingie doesn’t put out enough air at once to make the tire “catch” and inflate. Thank you tubeless tires. Means I’m going to be making a trip to Les in  beautiful downtown Belfair soon as I find if I’m picking SWMBO up tonight. (If I am, then a quick stop by DQ would not be too far off route.)

So I took the tire to Les and sat around for about half an hour while they fixed it. Cost $10! But they took care of where it was leaking so it should be good for awhile. Stopped by DQ and got the $5 Cheese burger lunch on the way home.


Ate that then put the wheel back on the mower and finished mowing the back yard. Mowed the front yard. Put things away (cause if I don’t I’ll forget where I put it the next time I need it). Just chillin’ now until time to pick SWMBO up at the QFC parking lot.

Anywho, that’s about it for this Friday. Think I’ll check the new Trailers on YouTube.

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