Sometimes It’s Not Worth …

Keeping a local database of things. Take keeping track of the TV episodes of a show you have. I’ve been playing with GCstar and I like how you can enter a TV show name, and it will go out and bring back in all the seasons and episodes. Nice. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t also bring in a synopsis of each episode. Nor is there any place to put one. That needs to be fixed. ASAP!)


But, why? I can find all that information on Wikipedia, Imdb, and a dozen other places. The only thing they don’t have listed are the actual episodes I have on our TV drive. (Which is usually ALL of any particular program cause I’m OCD that way.) So why keep any of that information locally?

Not much going on around here these past couple of days. SWMBO took me to Red Lobster yesterday for dinner. We walked the Mall and I splurged on Seasons 2 & 3 of JAG at B&N. (Walmart would have been cheaper but I was there and SWMBO wanted them. For some reason, what she wants is important to me.)


Rained like crazy for awhile this morning. Really coming down! Woke her up noisy. I need to check to see if the burn ban is off yet … No. I’m not complaining about the rain nor am I comparing it to what they’re getting in Texas. It was just a downpour for a few minutes that we really need. I’m still worried about fires locally.

Normal Sunday routine now. Laundry. Ripping those programs. Downloading the latest Doctor Who. Answering e-mails about the new repeater the Club wants to get. (There is a real Repeater War coming up this next meeting! It’s gonna be nasty!)

Gas Station June 15 1932 A St and Water_2

SWMBO is making some kind of broiled steak for dinner. Yummy!

Kind of listening in on PSK31 on 20-meters. Kinda Sorta busy. Didn’t see any signals at all on the other frequencies (6-160) though. I should start making contacts again.

Just ordered the Raspberry Pi B starter kit online and it should be here sometime around 5-8 days. Still have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it; but thought I’d get it and play with it anyway. It’ll probably wind up as a media/print server. We’ll see.

That’s really it. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Only had 6 check-ins tonight. Everyone else must be out enjoying the rain!

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