Would Someone PLEASE Port Picasa3 To Linux?!

Cause I haven’t found another program that will organize all your photo’s by lumping together “like” faces and letting you label them as wanted. Otherwise its just a photo organizing program like a dozen other photo organizing programs. Now, if XnViewMP did something like that …

Me @ The Grand Canyon South Rim 1960smething.

Been playing with a site called palette.fm (I think) and it does a good job  of colorizing your old b&w pics, but severely downsizes your uploaded photos. Been checking out a lot of AI sites lately to see what that can do for me. Looking for a Ham Radio AI to play with …

And I’m still up in the air about “colorizing” anyway. There’s a sense of (originality?) about those old black & white photo’s that colorizing takes away (for me).

But I did like the way the MyHeritage (?) site made an old picture of an Uncle that died way before I was born move and look around. That was neat.

Not a lot going on around here, except, I didn’t get a lot of the “Holy Shit Summer’s Ending” things I needed to do actually done. Too busy doing the other stuff. 

Processed 10 lbs each of burger and chicken for the freeze dryer a couple of days ago and those are running through now. Well, the chicken and pork are; the burger will go in next.

My grow-tower experiment downstairs is going okay so far. Need to get down there today and set up the grow lights since yesterday was (probably) the last really nice day of the year. Wx wise, that is. SWMBO’s beets are growing just fine!

Still playing with the Emby media server. Sometimes it’s so slow! Not sure if it’s the Emby or the Terramaster NAS but it gets really frustrating sometimes. And it will “search” forever before coming up with a “media not found” error before finally finding said media. Almost wish I were a programmer sometimes.

Watching this war in the Middle East. Go Israel! Personally I think that if we kill off all the terrorists then we won’t have any more problems with them. If I were younger I’d offer to help. (As a Medic though. Took an oath a long time ago that still applies.)

Anywho, really just checking in. Checking out. Checking it out cause it may be worth checking up on.

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