Did Y’all Know That There Is Such A Thing As Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty?

Which sounds particularly horrible to an Old Guy that grew up when there were only two sexes. Who in their right minds would do such a thing? People in their Left minds, I know. The freakin’ weirdo’s are running the asylum.

Not to mention that there was a surgeon, sitting around with nothing to do, bored out of his/her skull, that thought “I hate men so much. How can I turn a penis into a vagina and get people to think that’s normal and pay for it?”

My Ex- wanted a boob job at one time. Took me to a boob job guy. Showed me his (before and after) catalog of boob jobs. Got mad when I found a pair I liked. The Ex-. Not the boob job guy. Nevermind.

NEVER pick your wife’s new boobs! NEVER even indicate that you’d be interested in picking new boobs for her. (Or appear to enjoy looking at a catalog of boobs even if she tells you to look. Make her twist your arm.)

Ah, the things not covered by my parents as I was growing up. Guess I shouldn’t have licked the pages …

I’d talk more about “Cranial-Rectal-Inversion” but like to keep my posts fairly short. Something one can read in one sitting. Getting started on that subject invariably goes from Gov. Inslee here in WA State to EVERYONE in Washington D.C. with stops along the way for some “local color.” You don’t want me going there…

BUT, with the mid-term elections coming up, the before mentioned dick-hea..er.. Gov followed the science and is killing off most of the mask-mandate because everyone knows that nasty covid germ has finally learned that it can only infect us on the walk from the front door of a restaurant to the table you sit at but “Y’all can chance it from now on because it’s YOUR decision.” Now the Democrats will spout off ad nauseum about how they stopped the pandemic and killed off the mandates (and set you free!) so VOTE FOR US again.

Not gonna work with me.

SWMBO’s son came over today and started the tear out of the MILA. Was at it most of the day and will be back tomorrow. He’s earning that $250. But, hey, I probably would have given him the money anyway (since he isn’t working now), but it’s nice to see he’ll work for it.

Anywho, that’s about it. Supposed to rain the rest of the week. Let’s go Brandon and we ain’t getting any younger.

Be safe out there.

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