It’s Been A LONG Week!

Wait. It’s only Wednesday? Damn! Double Damn! I guess it has been a long week with more to go! Not that I want time to pass any quicker than it does. I mean; not knowing how long any of us have left (except in some certain cases) I wouldn’t want any minute to pass any quicker than it has to. But, I supposed they could pass a bit more interesting.


Signed up at and am thinking of taking their Solar Energy course. Maybe a couple of other also but I plan to do only one course at a time. Wouldn’t want learning something to interfere with the rest of my life!

Also discovered he TED talks on YouTube. Been trying to watch a presentation by Allan Savory: How to green the worlds deserts and reverse climate change but it locks up about a third of the way through. I have no idea why. Everything else seems to work okay.


Speaking of climate change: I read that the UN will come out and blame global warming on our use of fossil fuels despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, it’s been a year or so that the global temperature has flat-lined. Which seems strange to me since there have been a butt-ton of 15 year-olds that have turned 16 years old and have gotten their own vehicles and have added to the fossil fuel usage (and traffic congestion, but don’t get me started!) which should make things worse.

There’s no understanding politics or politicians…


Not much else going on around here. Did my usual all day and am waiting for the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net to start. Took that demo course and tried listening to this other talk.Now I think it’s popcorn & “Pitch Black” time!

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