Oh, Look! Another Dreary Monday!

The DIRT road to/from our house was icey when I went to the Post Office earlier. The DIRT road. Almost as slick as snot. Was fun driving on, but I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. Parking lots at the Bank and the Post Office were slushy.


Really not a whole lot going on around here. Had a small bit of snow yesterday afternoon into early evening; but nothing stuck and it eventually just sprinkled. But, SWMBO made fried shrimp for dinner so I realy didn’t care what it was doing outside.

Got in a “reading” mood this past week so I re-read all three “Crystal Singer” books by McCaffrey. Enjoyed them all over again. Wondering what to delve into next. Re-read the complete Dragonrider series? Start back in with my favorite Clancey? Let Stephen King or Dean Koontz fill my evenings with weirdness? Back to the classic sci-fi authors: Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein, et al?


I get a daily e-mail from BookBub with their recommendations for books I might want to buy. All the blurbs read like something I’ve read and all the new “hero’s” are female. (Not that I find anything wrong with a good female hero; but all of them? Did the guys quit going into Space looking for trouble?) Ah well.

So, I need to get off my fat ass. Been sitting around too damned much even if I am retired. Four hours of X-Plane does not an active Old Guy make. Can’t force myself to walk on the treadmill; too damned boring. So I got down in the basement to straighten up for awhile and try to make plans for what I want to do down there. Wow, only took 30+ years but I finally got all my drill bits in one place! Dayam!


Problem is being stuck inside. I hate Winter. Purely hate it. If I was to win that $400 million Powerball I’m afraid I’d just follow summer around the world. Have much nicer weather to not get anything accomplished.

Anywho, it’s several (non-productive) hours later and I’m back from picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Managed to check in to a couple of new 2-meter Nets while out. Stopped at Micky D’s cause she was hungry. Just hunkering down for the night.

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