Damn, I Can Be Stupid Sometimes!

And it’s my own damned fault. Seems I installed Windows 7 Basic, which I don’t have a key for, and it started asking me to validate. Well, of course the key I have (for Windows 7 Home) doesn’t work. So I tried “upgrading” to what I do have. Uh oh. Stopped half into installing and told me I couldn’t, then proceeded to wipe the boot sector of the VM. Damn! In the words of so many people I’ve helped working in computer repair these past 30 years or so: It don’t boot no more.


So I’ve had to make another Windows 7 VM (this time with the correct version) and reinstall everything. Everything. It’s still kind of wonky but getting there. Re-setting up programs can be a real pain when user names and passwords are involved! (And the video is still kinda weird.)

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. Had to switch to the 857d and the directional yagi I built so they could hear me better. That’s part of the fun! I think I need to take apart the mic on the Icom-2000H and clean the contacts or buy a new one. Mic.


That’s pretty much it for tonight. Just not a lot happened today; unless you count reinstalling a Windows 7 VM as “happening.” It was a lot cooler today than it has been. Actually had to wear shorts and a t-shirt when I went to water the garden. Probably made the neighbors a bit happier.

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