This Did Not Post For Some Reason

And I was too pissed at the crappy Internet connection to notice: The Headline Was: Cold. Rainy. Went To The Beach and I’m gonna post it now. Last Sunday:

After our morning absolutions (and me making a run to Walmart on the other side of Aberdeen to get some tools to fix a leak) we headed out.

Took 101 North to some podunk road that headed towards Pacific Beach. Rained all the way.  Drove out onto the actual beach and parked for a bit. Got out and walked the Dog around. He tried to eat every shell he sniffed out. Dipshit. But, holy shit, it was cold and windy and somewhat rainy and after about 10 minutes I’d had enough. Back in the truck for me!

Followed the road back to Aberdeen (another stop at Walmart) and back to the campground. Tried fixing that damned leak (back of the toilet. Fresh water leak) but tightening everything up and putting one of those hose clamps on (which you CANNOT tighten up enough!) hasn’t worked. So, we’ll just have to continue being frugal with water and making sure we check how full the catch bowl is.

Raining like crazy off and on. Sucks. Nice to be out with SWMBO though. So nice that I made Thrive-Spaghetti for dinner. (It was okay. Wouldn’t want a steady diet of it and next time I’ll be adding more spices and stuff to it.)

Anywho, that’s really about all there is. We’ll be heading home tomorrow.

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