Got Mostly Moved…

Most of my office, that is. Moved the radio stuff then my computer desk (and computer). Got everything set up and running then had to climb on the (WET) roof and move the ends of the antennas. Moved and remounted the automatic antenna tuner. My two other antennas are still in the front yard and probably won’t be moved until I’m ready to mount them on the roof. Or a tower! (That would be cool!)

Stuck Off In A Corner. All Alone...

Now I have the room to tear out the rest of that wall I need to tear out and do the other work without messing my stuff up too much. Still lots of work to do on extending the kitchen. (Which I’m doing mostly by myself.)

Not much else going on. Gonna make oven BBQ’d pork chops, taters and mixed veggies for dinner.

2013-10-25 15.29.29

Dinner turned out good. Was (sort of) watching the Jack Black version of “King Kong.” Enjoyed the effects but it was WAY too long.

King Kong (2005)

Gotta go pick SWMBO up!

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