Still Ripping CD’s For SWMBO Too.

lil07aAmazon Prime. Not sure, really, how it works. I joined it because I was beginning to order a lot of stuff from Amazon, and the thought of free, 2 day, shipping (if the item qualified) was appealing. I’ve easily spent the equivilent of the Prime membership fee in shipping fee’s over the past year or so. But, I have yet to receive anything in 2 days. It usually takes 2-3 days just to pull the order and get it ready for shipping. Maybe I just don’t understand …

Like, according to the message I got the other day, my latest order was supposed to be here by 2000 Sunday (today). Deliver on Sunday? But that’s what the message said. Still haven’t seen it though. Message not withstanding. So, maybe I don’t understand.

bwb10aPretty normal Sunday around here. Spent the day trying to get that computer I threw together to boot from USB; which it will as long as I only want to run Linux Mint KDE Live. Nothing else will boot. And Linux Live locks up just after checking to see if there is enough space on the hard drive and is connected to the Net. Doesn’t really lock up; it just won’t advance any farther. Think I’m going to remove all but one drive and try again.

SWMBO made dinner and we fed the Missionaries. It was good. (Dinner. Not the Missio.. Wait, they’d have to be good too or they wouldn’t be Missionaries.) But dinner was good!

The MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well. Only 4 or 5 check-ins but still interesting. Still, I’m glad AE7VT took it over.

Rained off and on all day but I managed to get some burning done. This will be the Summer that Didn’t Happen. Just you watch.

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