Cannot Remember What Day–3791 Miles

So tired. Got up at 0530, showered and on the road by 0630. Left Eufaula, somehow got on a toll road (or two). Headed West to Hwy-35 North which turned into 181 North, which in turn turned into 18 North to I-80 West. It took only about 4 hours to get from I-70 to I-80. Surprising.

2017-05-22 08.27.08

So, I’m outside Kearney, Nebraska at a $45/night “I’m So Tired” Campground. I’ve eaten and the Dog licked the bowl. We been for a couple of walks around. He finally pooped. (Which is important for a traveling dog!)


Both of my feet are swollen. Sitting on my fat old ass too long today. Twelve hours. Still that long just to get to Ogden from here. Then the same (or maybe a bit more) to get home from there. Phew.

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