Well, I Did Get Out Of The House Today

Made a trip to Shelton to check the MCARC Mail box; since it hasn’t been checked in over a month. Wasted trip. Box was stuffed. Didn’t keep a single piece of mail. As much as there was, only 1 piece wasn’t spam. Comcast really wants the club to buy Internet through them. One piece of mail was from a prisoner in one of the local prisons to someone we never heard of. Gave that one to the Postman to send back. Everything else went into the trash.


Pretty much rained all the way there, and all the way back. Lot’s of flooding around the area. Mudslides knocked a couple of houses off their foundations. Blocked access to Aberdeen. Rivers up all over the place! Good thing the rain is supposed to end tonight. Was still I nice ride though. Stopped at the bank and Safeway. Got gas for $2.05/gal. Not bad.


Spent pretty much the rest of the day working in the Pantry. It’s still a disorganized mess, but the new shelves we picked up last Saturday are assembled and in place. Tomorrow I’ll get in there and straighten up and clean it out. Just didn’t feel like doing it today.


Was so tired I took the easy way for dinner and cooked up a couple of burrito’s. That’s it; just burrito’s.

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